Alexandros Angelopoulos

Alexandros Angelopoulos



Alexandros Ν. Angelopoulos is the Managing Director of Aldemar Resorts, a leading resorts chain company in Greece. He has been active in the family business since 1995, working hard towards ideas and policies that open up new horizons in the Greek hotel business and place Tourism at the core of Greek economic activity.

Alexandros Angelopoulos, has been following with great interest the developments in the Business Ecosystem in Greece and the developments in Europe while he is very active as he participates in various organisations and committees representing the tourism sector and the entrepreneurship in Greece. In 2018, he became a Member of the Advisory Committee of the newly formed Sustainable Development Center of Governance and Public Law and a Founding Member of the Hellenic Council of Competitiveness.

Up until 2017, he was holding the position of Member of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Environmental Policy Committee of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels while in 2018 he was elected as the Ambassador of all 5 star hotels located in Crete and Secretary General to the newly formed Chamber of Hotels in Heraklion. He is currently also holding the position of the Secretary of the Board of Directors of Hellenic Entrepreneurs Association, Vice President of the Greek Eurasian Business Council. He is Member of the Business Advisory Board of the BCA College and Honorary Consulate of Ukraine for Peloponnese.

His innate love of living a life of welfare and quality arises from his two great passions. Sustainability in all aspects, environmental, social and financial, and he expresses it through his actions within his business. His other passion is supporting young generation. He has been actively supporting new emerging executives and young leaders to gain a clear vision for their future. He collaborates with the national and international Academia through mentoring and participates in major conferences as keynote speaker.

Alexandros Angelopoulos, was born in Athens in 1972. He studied Business Management (Boston University 1995) and successfully completed his post-graduate studies in International management at Boston College (1998). He is Graduate of the PDP program of New York Cornell University, (2008).