The mentors & judges of CapsuleT give you their first valuable advice

… Just before you apply at the 5th cycle! Join the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels’s Acceleration Program now and receive guidance from qualified tourism professionals.

And while we know that the mathematician Theodore Von Karman said that: “Technology transforms the knowledge of science into things that never were,” the CapsuleTravel & Hospitality Accelerator team comes to add that: “Every entrepreneurial – promising – future is achieved together with the help, selfless support and valuable time of our people.

For Capsule– the only Greek accelerator that focuses exclusively on tourism startups – the members of the Judging & Advisory Committee, mentors, judges and close partners of the Acceleration Program are the guides for all those tourism tech startups that join each acceleration cycle, bringing with them dreams, advanced technology solutions for the industry and a great desire to evolve.

These important people are the ones that give you today their first valuable advice, right before you apply at the 5th Cycle.

Alexandros Vassilikos
Alexandros Vassilikos, Member of the Evaluation & Guidance Committee | President of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels

“As the announcement of the 5th Acceleration cycle proves the successes achieved so far become stepping stones to climb even higher. To further strengthen the ecosystem of startup businesses in tourism. To ensure resources, possibilities and opportunities for young scientists and entrepreneurs. Our constant goal is to technologically upgrade the hotel industry to meet the demands of an increasingly digitized global environment. The bright minds are there. It is time to reverse the brain drain and make the best use of them.”

Λίζα Κατσουράκη
Lisa Katsouraki, Mentor | Head of Corporate Development – Etraveli Group

“Be ready for this journey. Find out how you want to best use/utilise your mentors and make sure you keep them constantly interested. The value you receive will be directly proportional to how you motivate them.”

Βασιλική Μαυροκέφαλου
Vasiliki Mavrokefalou, Judge | Director Market Management – Expedia Group

“If you can explain in one or two minutes the service or product you are offering and what its added value is for your potential customer, then you greatly increase your chances of success.”

Ευγένιος Βασιλικός
Evgenios Vassilikos, Mentor | Chief Operational Officer – Airotel Group of Hotels

“Talk, listen and take advantage of the opportunities provided by your mentors and all the efforts of the Capsuleteam.”

Αλέξης Κομσέλης
Alexis Komselis, Mentor | Director, AHEAD – Alba Hub for Entrepreneurship and Development

“Meet, ask, try”.

Dimitris Serifis
Dimitris Serifis, Member of the Jury & Mentor | CEO – Nelios

“Focus 100% on creating meaningful value for your customers. Solve real industry problems with your services and only then you will gain serious investment interest.”

As for the Director of the accelerator, Ms. Katerina Saridaki?

“From us and our partners you can expect significant assistance through actions, specialized workshops, mentoring meetings with experts who have deep knowledge of the subject, presentations, visits to leading travel agencies and hotels, presence in international tourism exhibitions and other special networking events. Most importantly, you will find in us the “business family” you need to evolve within the tourism market, where one supports the other and synergies are built either at the level of creating new services/partnerships or at the level of approaching new customers”.

The application procedure for the 5th cycle will be completed on the 23rd of June 2022!

The application period for our program will be completed on Thursday, 23rd of June 2022. Find out the criteria of participation, the financial rewards that you can win and the structure of the program here:

Do your application with ease here:

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