About us

The Idea

Greece has to make a big restart, which will be based on its healthy and creative resources. This acknowledgment has spawned the idea to connect tourism, the “national champion” that generates growth, revenues and job opportunities, with the vibrant cell of innovative entrepreneurship.

Our Vision

To build an innovative ecosystem in the tourism sector by offering opportunities to create and develop startups with a global perspective and impact.

Our Mission

To offer access to information, education, visibility and networking opportunities to help innovative new ventures working in the travel and hospitality industry to grow efficiently.

About the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels

The Hellenic Chamber of Hotels (HCH) is a Legal Entity of Public Law operating since 1935 as the institutional advisor of the Greek Government on travel and hospitality related issues. The Chamber brings together all 9.875 Greek hotels and camping sites and is a proud member of HOTREC, the umbrella Association of the hospitality industry in Europe.

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