How to travel and eat like a local in Greece

We are living in an era where travelers are increasingly looking for more and more authentic experiences during their trips. Therefore, local gastronomy seems to be a catalyst for the tourism development of each destination.

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Here’s how travel will probably look like in the post-COVID era

Arranging vacation after COVID-19 will surely not be something easy. Whether they choose destination, or the kinds of experience they wish to enjoy in a place, travelers across the globe will be taking seriously into consideration a series of factors before they can eventually decide.

Operations: Technological solutions are here to make your life easier

Increasing efficiency, saving employees’ time, creating new marketing channels for products/services, or optimizing internal processes, are some of the essential desiderata for every tourism business nowadays.

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How smart technology enhances the hotel guest experience

The rapidly increasing demands of better informed – and anything but technologically “illiterate” – high-end consumers/guests lead to an imperative need for innovative and personalized experiences when it comes to the hospitality industry.


Can we still talk about events during a pandemic?

At a time when the whole planet is dealing with what seems to be the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, like many other sectors and areas of business, the events industry has undoubtedly been hit hard.