Idea Platform

What we offer

Part of our mission is to reinforce and support innovative ideas and new ventures at an early stage in order to initiate a pipeline of tech startups in the travel and hospitality industry. The potential of the Greek as well as the global market looks promising and we are committed to helping innovation flourish for the benefit of all related stakeholders in Greece.

The Idea Platform will run mostly through competitions, challenges or hackathons, addressing our call to young universities' graduates/postgraduates, young unemployed executives and very early stage startuppers (tech & business background).

Participating teams will have to work on finding solutions to real problems regarding the travel & hospitality industry. The framework will be set after interviewing industry leaders and business executives to find specific needs and “industry pains”. The goal for the participating teams is to find business ideas that may solve industry problems by applying technology. Eventually, we are looking for ideas that can become startups and join our acceleration program in the future.

Program Structure

This program will include online workshops, inspirational talks & mentoring and will run in 12 days in total (including preparatory period and hackathon days).

  • 1

    Step 1: Application

    Submit your application according to the eligibility criteria

  • 2

    Step 2: Selection

    Your application will be reviewed by our judging panel and, if you are qualified you will be selected for the next phase

  • 3

    Step 3: Preparatory period

    Attend a number of online workshops and inspirational talks to gather information and inspiration for your idea

  • 4

    Step 4: Idea Platform

    Get mentoring and support to build your idea, present it live to compete for one of the winning places and start a new business!


Eligible candidates, in order to secure a place to the program, will have to be teams with an innovative business idea regarding the travel and hospitality industry which will require the usage of technology to be implemented. Team members must be over 18 and up to 35 years old, graduates/postgraduates in relevant fields such as science, engineering, business, finance, tourism management and so on. Applicants must have the Greek nationality or be Greek residents. The teams must not have received any funding apart from an early seed round/from friends & family (not exceeding 50.000 euros) and must have incorporated less than 6 months, prior to their application.

If you meet all the criteria, then the next step is to have the time to commit to the program for 12 days in total (preparatory period and Idea Platform dates). Commitment includes the online participation during the preparatory period, the attendance to all relevant online workshops and events, the time to work with your mentors and the enthusiasm to collaborate with the rest of the teams, during the Idea Platform period.

Prizes & Awards

The teams that will successfully complete the Idea Platform and participate in the final presentations of the competition (during the last day) are able to claim cash prizes as well as free services from strategic partners of the program, provided that such services are going to be announced during the program.

The prizes and awards will come out of the overall score and final evaluation of the judging committee, during the Awards Ceremony that will mark the end of the program. The prizes are as follows: 1st prize 3,000 euros, 2nd prize 2,000 euros and 3rd prize 1,000 euros. Moreover, the winners will have the chance to join the next cycle of CapsuleT's Acceleration Program, provided that they have completed their product/service prototype and have actively participated in some extra mentoring hours, in order to be better prepared for the development of their business.