Boutique Hotel workshop @ Xenia 2022

Boutique Hotel Program – an initiative of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels – organizes at Xenia 2022 the workshop titled “New, technologically advanced services for Boutique Hotels, which upgrade the overall experience of a stay” which will be held on Monday 28 of November – 12:00 pm, at Hall 2, Stand D26-E28.

In the context of the event successful and winning startups of the Acceleration Program such as Vivestia, Unlimited Adrenaline and EV Loader will present their services.

The following topics will be covered:

– Booking platform for luxury accommodation & hotels in Greece, utilizing 3D virtual tour | Vivestia

– Booking platform for alternative activities and experiences around the hotel. A complete guide that offers hotel affiliation programs | Unlimited Adrenaline

– Service for installing charging stations and management software in hotels and displaying their coordinates via a digital map | EV Loader

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