Yannis Nikolopoulos

Yannis Nikolopoulos

Speaker – Idea Platform


Yannis Nikolopoulos is the Co-founder & CEO of Clio Muse Tours: a Software-as-a-Service for professionals to create and distribute their virtual/audio/skip-the-line self-guided tours.

In his 3rd year in Electrical & Computer Engineering (2007), Yannis quit his day job as a customer support agent in the National Telecommunications Company to set up his first company, which builds and exploits solar parks ever since.

In 2011 he released his first apps as a freelance developer and discovered his passion for the platform economy. Since the foundation of Clio Muse Tours in 2012, apart from the IT dept, Yiannis has led the digital and agile transformation in the Operations, Marketing, Customer Care and Research & Innovation departments. 

In his spare time, he plays the accordion and helps young entrepreneurs build their own sustainable business models, release the first versions of their products/services, complete their market validation research and scale up.

Yannis also offers his expertise on the above since 2015, as the Vice President of Orange Grove, the initiative of the Netherlands Embassy in Greece, to fight youth unemployment and brain drain.