Vassilis Elaiotrivaris


Vassilis is an altruist, a volunteer and someone who spends most of his personal time creating, supporting, helping and organizing people around him for a better future.

For the last 12 years, he has been a volunteer, while working for a multinational company. In this way, he tries to show everyone that when people want, they can always find time to help each other.

Also, he is an experienced Supply Chain expert with knowledge in all disciplines of supply chain (logistics, inbound, outbound, customization, order processing, automation, warehouse management systems, MRP, ERP, forklifts automation, picking, loading, unloading etc.). He successfully leads innovation projects with global pilots behind Vision Picking testing, Voice Picking, Security Drones, Slotting etc., various cost reduction projects, supply chain transformation projects and projects related to worklife balance and vibrant living for employees.