the right time for your startup

This is the right time for your startup to “shine”! Here’s why

Do you believe in the saying “in the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity”? Well, as the coronavirus worsens, more and more well-established companies and organizations are now focusing on collaboration and remote work. This is the best time for your startup to catch up and get ahead among the emerging companies of today. In this time of crisis, startups that play the right cards, are winning the ‘remote game’.

Besides, times of crisis are a great opportunity for startups to “shine”. Pandemics, such as COVID-19, present struggles and obstacles that can only be overcome using human ingenuity and creativity, which match exactly an entrepreneur’s mindset!

Leverage the easiness of pivoting!

Compared to well-established, inflexible companies and organizations, startups are smaller and less structured. They are also innovative and keep improving their business models along the way. These give them the chance to adapt to any kind of disruptions, like the pandemic. They fit perfectly to any kind of change in any type of market conditions. In other words, they adapt to changes really quickly!

However, we should not omit to mention that startup owners, now more than ever, need to make smart decisions and keep a close look at the impact of their investments. In the meanwhile, saving money by implementing the ‘work from home’ can certainly be a perk.

Now’s your time to stand up, point to the clearer sky and say: “Look, it is possible. We can do it. Here’s how we can do it, and I’ll help us get there.” The best startups solve big problems. So, understand what bothers you, and dare to take on a solution.

Don’t waste your time – Act!

In the light of current circumstances, many event organizers are shifting their conferences online. It’s uncertain until when we’ll all be at home. So, just jump on the bandwagon and go live – whether it’s alone, with your team or maybe with professionals from other startups. Online event, webinar, podcast, YouTube video, Q&A on your social media pages, do whatever you want, but make sure to give advice based on your expertise and help people stay motivated. Besides, at times like this, fake news is spreading even faster than the virus itself, so it’s important for the general public to get the facts down. Starting podcasts, webinars, videos, and compiling resources into a website for people to access can be a great idea for early-stage startups, like yours.

And remember; if nothing else works, you can always just offer help and advice where you can. Setting a positive example will encourage other startups to act too and, by working together, we will more quickly adapt to our uncertain future.

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