What’s Orbito Travel all about?

Discover new places to visit and things to do, all around the world with orbito travel. Traveling with a wheelchair or using another mobility aid? We got you covered!

Hmm… Could you tell us a little bit more about it? 

orbito travel aims to become the leading online travel agency for travelers with reduced mobility. We provide an end to end solution in their planning and booking process, specific to their individual needs and preferences, through a single online transaction.

The users choose from an array of the following six service categories:

● how to get there
● where to stay
● what to do
● where to eat and drink
● how to move around
● additional services

The operation of orbito travel is based on three fundamental pillars: Firstly accessibility for all, secondly reliability and thirdly price transparency.

What problem/issue are you trying to solve?

When one’s off exploring the world having reduced mobility, there are many factors coming into play affecting the user experience. As a matter of fact, the complexity of organizing a trip, as well as a fragmented -many times neglected- niche market, raise issues for such travelers. On top of that when they arrive at the destination things may not be exactly as promised.

The words of the chief executive of the Physical Disability Council of New South Wales explain that the process of going on holiday is incredibly stressful: “If you can imagine having to ask 10, 20 times a day for accessibility adjustments, to have to constantly contact places and explain what your requirements are and have them treated as extraordinary – that’s not relaxation. That’s not a holiday.” (The Guardian, 2021).

What’s the solution provided by orbito travel?

orbito travel aims to be an end to end online travel agency for travelers with reduced mobility who will now be able to plan and book their trip online with one transaction.

Αnother key point is that it allows these travelers to have online access to all the components of their trip, which are grouped in six categories and are fully aligned to their specific mobility needs. Every single travel option is documented by the orbito team ensuring that their booking flow is smooth and streamlined in every aspect.

In all, travelers do not need to repeatedly contact and explain their needs and preferences or spend hours researching online and offline.

The Team

Ilias Alexakis

Ilias is in charge of the Operations of orbito travel. Having worked in several electronic marketing related projects for more than 25 years in the wider region of E.M.E.A. Ilias holds an MSc in Electronic Marketing and a BSc in Marketing and Communication from the Athens University of Economics and Business.

Ilias Alexakis
Penny Kalofoutis

Penny is in charge of the user experience and marketing aspects of orbito travel. Having experience ranging a wide spectrum for more than 20 years in marketing and tourism, Penny holds an MSc in Tourism Marketing from the University of Surrey and a BSc in Marketing Management from the American College of Greece.

Penny Kalofoutis

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