Maria Kofou

Maria Kofou

Speaker – “Experts Days”

Maria Kofou is a full-time travel blogger and solo traveller.

She studied journalism in Panteion University in Athens and lived in Spain for a year on a European Exchange Programme Erasmus Mundus, before continuing with postgraduate studies in Digital Media and Communication in Milan, Italy, where she started working as a Digital PR and Account Manager.

She moved back to her hometown, Athens, 7 years ago and worked as a Digital PR Manager in a Communications Agency for 4 years. Later on, Maria worked as a Social Media Manager for Discover Greece in Marketing Greece, where she understood that Tourism was the industry that she wanted to focus on.

However, her wandering soul and her travel blog made her quit the office job and travel full-time. 

In 2018 she launched her travel startup, a digital travel agency for solo women with a purpose to educate Greek women on solo traveling.