Linda Plano


Speaker & Pitching Coach


Linda Plano, PhD, has been coaching entrepreneurs on their pitches and value propositions since 2005. She founded Plano & Simple in 2010 in order to focus exclusively on coaching, training and mentoring.

Linda has worked with nearly 1000 high-tech entrepreneurs on their pitch, strategy and tactics. They have come from across the US and Canada, in Europe and Asia, in person and online. Their innovations have been in life sciences, cleantech, IT, mobile, high tech, retail and services. They include students, professors, serial entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and government employees, and they’ve gone on to raise well over $1,300 M.

She’s based in Boston, but provides services to international clients via both online and in-person services for individuals and organizations.

Prior to 2005, Linda held positions in startup companies including research scientist and CEO, as well as management positions up to Vice President for New Business Development in more established companies. She earned a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from Stanford University and a BS in Physics from MIT.