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Leverage the quarantine to pick up new skills as a young entrepreneur

Yes, we’re witnessing a crisis unfolding. Not only people get gripped by the coronavirus fear. It’s like a stroke for most businesses.

Does this corona crisis necessarily mean a failure for your business? If you play your cards right and leverage the quarantine to pick up new skills as a young entrepreneur, you may make the most of the current -admittedly, ‘dark’- situation. Covid-19 compelled, among others, the shift to virtual learning and that’s something many startup incubators and accelerators worldwide, like CapsuleT, have taken seriously.

In this time of uncertainty, CapsuleT works methodically with its strategic partners and the rest of the tourism stakeholders to support travel and hospitality (early-stage) startuppers through a solid program of online workshops and online mentoring/coaching with distinguished professionals.

Quite unexpectedly, since it seems that many of us will be stuck at home for some downtime, learning new skills online is without a doubt a constructive way to cope with the current self-isolation and may be proved quite useful for the further development of your startup.

Therefore, here are some of the best online learning platforms you can explore to brush up on your skills during these challenging days.


Covering every imaginable topic, Skillshare includes courses on a large number of technical subjects, business and entrepreneurship, programming, but also writing, painting, personal branding and other creative topics. Skillshare is a great learning platform if you’re looking to train casually, be practical in acquiring new skills and apply the new knowledge right away.


Definitely one of the top online course platforms in the world, Udemy is a great choice, since it offers something for everyone, from business development, finance and accounting, to design, marketing and office productivity. Moreover, if you’re a business owner, you can opt for a business account, which will unlock thousands of relevant courses for all your team members and in very specific fields. Udemy allows you to pick and choose the topics you are interested in, rather than committing yourself to a strict lesson plan. We should not omit to mention that Udemy is also offering numerous free courses for the quarantine period, so it is really a pity not to take advantage of it.


EdX is a non-profit created by founding partners Harvard and MIT. EdX is here to increase access to high-quality education for everyone. Its free or low-priced courses are taught by instructors from the best universities and academic institutions around the world, allowing anyone to advance their education, professional goals, or personal interests. EdX offers MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and interactive online classes in subjects including -among others- data science, engineering, business, artificial intelligence (AI), e.t.c.


Coursera is well-known for its value and prestige as it collaborates with top universities around the world who are responsible for developing the courses. It’s considered to be one of the most professional online learning platforms out there, however, while many Coursera courses are accessible completely free of charge, you’ll still have to pay if you want to receive the official credential. Kindly keep in mind that you’ll have to follow a certain timetable once you start a course and make sure you complete it before a deadline is notified to you by the platform.

And never forget; a truly entrepreneurial, never-resting mindset means that you can always adapt to new circumstances and never stop learning. Besides, that has never been easier with the range of available digital learning platforms. Just try them and find what’s in them for you!


Feel that you still have more to learn and get inspired from? It’s time to find out about the books and audiobooks Scribd is now offering for free here.

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