What’s Hotellisense all about?

Hotellisense offers a cloud platform which helps hotels to make the most of their data in order to reduce decision-making time and increase revenue.

Hmm… Could you tell us a little bit more about it? 

The cloud hotel analytics platform of Hotellisense collects, combines, and analyzes data from key hotel systems in real-time and presents this data analysis in pre-designed interactive visual dashboards specially made for hotels. This helps hotels of any size (single or group) understand their customers better and make more targeted marketing campaigns to improve their bookings and revenue, become more customer-centric and maximize their profitability and competitive advantage.

What problem/issue are you trying to solve?

The data that a business, like a hotel, is accumulating throughout the years is an invaluable treasure. We saw the benefit of creating an all-encompassing tool to analyse and forecast based on past hotel data collected by the PMS. Current report extracting methods and presentation practices (e.g., excel sheets) are inefficient and static in nature. Our target is to decrease the time and effort needed in the decision-making process by forecasting future performance which will drive increased revenue. Our product gives a new perspective in data analysis by allowing extensive drill down with multiple dimensions and custom-made reports for consistent visualizations and above all, by being dynamic, it can quickly react to market trends.

What’s the solution provided by Hotellisense?

Our solution comprises of a SaaS (software as a service) cloud offering, which allows the hotel to do advanced analytics to its data. Our unique proposition is based on the following solutions:
– Intelligent analysis of the database structure of most of the PMS systems. We rely on the raw customer’s data and not the specific PMS in use. Automatic refresh of the data is done multiple times per hour.
– Ready made dashboards which convey a wealth of information to the user. They have already been organized in a way which makes information finding a quick process.
– Use of advanced techniques to enhance forecasting and budgeting (e.g., dynamic models for daily room rates).
– Information availability to the whole hotel management team (including the owners) from anywhere (even mobile phones) at any time.

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The Team

George Spiliotis
Co-Founder & CEO

George Spiliotis has 30+ years of experience in Information Technology. He's an expert in areas like networking, operations and security. He has a detailed knowledge of operating systems, cloud operations, new and emerging technologies, planning and project management. He has acquired a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and has successfully completed a number of large scale projects in the hospitality and shipping industries as well as the Greek Ministry of Finance.

George Spiliotis
Co-Founder & CEO
Dimitris Antonakakis
Dimitris Antonakakis
Co-Founder & CTO

Dimitris Antonakakis has 15+ years of experience as an Information & Technology expert with a focus on several business sectors such as Hospitality, Retail and Finance. He has worked for large-scale companies of Greece and United States, providing state of the art solutions for their businesses. He has acquired a Master's Degree in Computer Science from the University of Piraeus.

Dimitris Antonakakis
Co-Founder & CTO