Grigoris Tassios

Grigoris Tassios



Grigorios G. Tasios is the CEO of Philoxenia hotel, located in Psakoudia, Halkidiki for the last sixteen years. He was born in Polygyros, Halkidiki in 1973 and he practically was raised in the hotel as he is the second generation of the family-owned business. 

He studied at the School of Tourism and after completing his studies he was actively involved in tourism and public affairs not only on a local, but on a national level as well.

Since 2003, he has been a member of the Halkidiki Hotel Association. In 2009, he was appointed President of the Association, President of the Institute of Tourism Development of Macedonia (K.E.K.-I.T.A.M.) as well as Board Member of the Center of Drug Abuse Prevention of Halkidiki “PNOI.”

In 2009, he was elected board member of the Hellenic Federation of Hoteliers (H.H.F.) and in 2010 member of the Executive Committee of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels. Since 2012 he has been Deputy General Secretary of the Hellenic Federation of Hoteliers and in 2013 he was appointed Treasurer of the Institute of Tourism Research and Forecasting and board member of the Greek National Tourism Organization.

In 2011, he was elected President of the Halkidiki Tourism Organization. As an active member and leading figure in different associations and organizations, he managed European programs financed by I.T.A.M. (NSRF 2007-2013) in education and training of employees in the sector of tourism and food supply. He also managed and utilized, in the most effective way, sustainability programs in tourism.

In 2017, he was elected president of the Hellenic Federation of Hoteliers and Vice President of The Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE).

His professional career and active citizenship, especially in tourism development at both local and national level, makes him one of the most active members in hospitality industry in Greece with extensive knowledge of tourism sector.