George Kyvernitis

George Kyvernitis



George Kyvernitis is the Vice President of Kyvernitis Group, one of Greece’s leading corporate & leisure travel services providers. He graduated from the Illinois State University, with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing in 2001.

After the graduation, he focused on the business development of Kyvernitis company, which grew to be a key player in the global travel industry with a team of more than 130 passionate professionals.

One of the latest achievements is that Kyvernitis Group currently represents Amex GBT for the Energy & Marine sector in Greece. As a Greek resident, George is an enthusiastic member of the community and enjoys golf, tennis and showing clients the best that Kyvernitis Group has to offer.

His passion to develop new ideas and support young generation is expressed through various actions that support young leaders’ programs and as a moderator at relevant round tables. He is also a member of the Global business network of Entrepreneurs’ Organization.