Emily Filippou

Emily Filippou



Emily Filippou, with over 40 years of experience at C-level Executive and senior roles in the area of Financial Services and Financial Management, holds an MBA from Exeter University (UK) with specialization in General Management.

Emily has a proven record of career achievements as a CFO and member of Top Level Executive Committee within large scale Group of companies in the dynamic sectors of Telecoms (OTE, COSMOTE -subs of Deutsche Telekom) , FMCG (Fage Group) and Audit Manager in  Consulting (PricewaterhouseCoopers ).

She is a business partner of DEZAVOU Financial Advisors PC (with a clientele of Retail, F&B, Real Estate and Services companies) participating also in EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development ) as a Financial specialist under European Investment Advisory Scheme.

Since 2015 Emily is a Business Mentor for start-up companies under the scheme of MIT Enterprise Forum.

Emily has strong technical skills, a mixture of Corporate and Investment strategy, implementing Restructuring and Financial Management projects, auditing, financial consulting exposure, experience in setting Business plans, Commercials and financial strategy, identifying deviations recommending suitable short-term & long-term corrective measures

She is a strategic thinker with strong managerial and risk assessment capabilities, as well as an excellent analytical, financial, communications, presentations and negotiating skills.