Why should a startup join the accelerator of tourism “CapsuleT”?

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With the applications of the 5th cycle of the Acceleration Program continuing strongly, five(5) upcoming startups of tourism together with the President of CapsuleT Travel & Hospitality Accelerator, of the only accelerator in Greece which focuses exclusively on startups in the tourism sector- initiative of the Hellenic Chambers of Hotels, Ms. Katerina Saridaki provides you with the answer to the question asked these days:

“Why should I join the CapsuleT accelerator which focuses exclusively on tourism startups and not just in one with a general interest?”


Katerina Saridaki: “When we are talking about the dominant sector of our country with so many specialized subcategories, so many institutions, schools and professionals supporting it, I believe that the startups that create solutions for it, also have the right to belong in this market from the early stages of their development, to the “tourism ecosystem”. In this way, they will be able to delve deeper into the sector, have direct access to experts and professionals who will provide them with key answers and solutions to their questions or even directions for their product, so that they can ultimately fill any “gaps” they may have for the specific sector and the way it operates. At the same time, the fact that all the teams are at an early stage in their business activity and belong to the same industry, creates a sense of community/”business family”, where they support each other and at the same time build synergies between them. This can be in terms of creating new, additional services or even synergies and partnerships for reaching new customers. I believe that these are the key differentiators from a general interest accelerator with participation from all market sectors”.



Tourism might be the only “heavy industry” in our country. It is the sector that gives the opportunity for development in many new ideas and solutions that the technological startups introduce. For a startup to participate in CapsuleT, it means that it will acquire a fully equipped experience of knowledge, guidance and multiple opportunities for development, through the specific sector that already supports a big percentage of the Greek economy. Parallel to that, the specific knowledge of the mentors, judges, workshops and overall of the activities of the program it’s the magic ingredient of the future success of a technological startup!”


“Our participation in the program of CapsuleT which is an accelerator exclusively for touristic businesses, brought us in direct contact with the target market. The experience of the people that are there as mentors, consultants or as members of the judging committee, as well as the discussions with members from touristic companies helped us understand better the way that the market works, get specialized feedback for our business, but also get to know other businesses of the sector with which we had the chance to cooperate with and help each other out. All this specialized experience and knowledge wouldn’t exist in an accelerator of general interest”.


“Tourism is not a simple industry that someone can easily enter, not because they don’t have the qualifications but because tourism, apart from the passion for it and for the domestic product in general, also needs the necessary knowledge. Knowledge that only a specialized body – an accelerator – can offer. This is why we found CapsuleT who brought us together with people with the necessary knowledge and skills to introduce our idea to the tourism industry in a targeted way.”


“A startup, especially in its early stages, needs all the support it can get. Such support comes through the company’s participation in accelerator programs. Through these it receives guidance on issues of concern from professionals with experience in the field. In addition, the startup gets in contact with people in the market and is able to create opportunities. By choosing an accelerator that focuses on a specific field (e.g. tourism) the results achieved are better than in any other case. The companies which it will interact with, will be from the same industry. She will be able to develop synergies with them and at the same time help each other solve problems faced as they will be similar. Finally, the people whom she will be associated with, will be relevant to the field of activity, thus increasing the likelihood that they will contribute directly to the activity of the startup.”

Unlimited Adrenaline:

“Every technological proposition is generated with a purpose of solving a specific problem in the market. For a business that operates in the tourism sector, it is more beneficial for it to participate in an accelerator program in the specific industry. The main reason is that a connection with the market exists which offers real feedback from the directly involved professionals of the sector. In this way a startup has the chance to export directly and clear results in terms of the success of the product and whether it satisfies the market needs and can develop so it can have an acceptance from it”.

The application procedure for the 5th cycle will be completed on the 23rd of June 2022!

The application period for our program will be completed on Thursday, 23rd of June 2022. Find out the criteria of participation, the financial rewards that you can win and the structure of the program here: https://www.capsuletaccelerator.gr/el/accelerator/

Do your application with ease here: https://www.eventora.com/en/Events/CapsuleTApplicationForm5thCycle

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