What’s Cellarhopping all about?

Cellarhopping connects small & medium agri-tourism suppliers with restless tourism professionals who want to create and offer unique sustainable agro-experiences. At the same time it empowers hidden destinations’ social and financial growth.

Hmm… Could you tell us a little bit more about it? 

Cellarhopping is the ideal solution for all actors in the agritourism industry. It offers a toolbox of services customized to each actor’s needs. Producers of local-flavored agricultural products, agro-farms, guest houses, and any business offering recreational, cultural, or educational tourism, are invited to join and list their services to gain visibility and profit. On the other hand, tourism professionals who are willing to create alternative experiences for their clients are free to select and combine all the above options. Thus they save time and money, and be competitive while following the current trends of ecotourism and sustainability.

What problem/issue are you trying to solve?

Agritourism is undoubtedly gaining popularity. However, it is still premature regarding digital infrastructure, business interconnections, and efficient workflows. Tourism professionals such as tour operators, DMCs, agencies, OTAs, and hotels may not be able to easily identify and promote a destination’s full potential and unique qualities in local production and gastronomy. Moreover, professionals lack the time and knowledge to inspire their clients, who stray away, searching for unique experiences in the internet’s chaos. Lacking alternative solutions, they end up offering mass tourism and non-sustainable solutions every year.

The ones who struggle

Small-medium agriculture and gastronomic-related businesses struggle to become more visible and reach new audiences, to raise their footfall and revenue. Nevertheless, they usually lack the know-how, marketing tools, and personnel. This way valuable potential destinations remain in the shadows and miss the opportunity for economic/social growth.

What’s the solution provided by Cellarhopping?

Our marketplace creates a bridge between tourism professionals and agritourism suppliers. Agritourism suppliers showcase unique rich content for their business and the region they operate in. In return they get exposure to a vast network of tourism professionals through a booking management system provided to them. Additionally, they become part of a broader network of agritourism distribution channels, resulting in the exploration of their business in combined thematic contexts. As a consequence, they profit from raising footfall and income, while promoting their destination and helping in their economic and social growth.

Meanwhile, all actors in the tourism industry will gain certain benefits:

– Save time and money looking for agritourism products by using a customizable booking engine for optimized management. 

– Combine them through a suggestion system providing them to their restless customers who want to explore a region. 

– Profit from reselling them to additional distribution channels.

The Team

Tasos Kannavos
Founder & CEO

Tasos Kannavos (Founder-CEO) is a Business Administration Graduate. He has more than 10 years of working as a freelance tour leader in Europe and Asia, 8 years as a travel consultant for tour operators and agencies, and expertise in sales and in operating with big groups and corporate travels. He has collaborated with several travel professionals (Manessis travel, Royalty – Escapes, etc, fulfilling demanding tasks and managing large groups of people.

Tasos Kannavos
Founder & CEO
Sofia Mouseti
Founder & CTO

Sofia Mouseti (Founder-CTO) is a computer engineer, who has a Bachelor's Degree from the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications, a Bachelor's Degree for Wine, Vine, and Beverage Sciences, and a Master's Degree in GeoInformatics and Spatial Analysis. She has worked for more than 10 years in several tech companies being mostly responsible for the design (UX/UI) and development of web applications and precision agriculture solutions in the agri-food industry.

Sofia Mouseti
Founder & CTO

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