Brian Marrinan

Brian Marrinan



Brian Marrinan is a General Partner at Team ABC, a new venture capital firm focused on the sustainability and digital transformation of air, land and sea transportation and tourism.

The globally supply chain has seen significant challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic, tourism has witnessed the industry’s most disruptive event ever, and is about to experience explosive growth. Together, air, land and sea transportation and tourism account for over 20% of the world’s emissions. Team ABC invests in disruptive young companies that take advantage of these significant opportunities.

Brian has worked at the cross-section of talent and innovation for 20 years. He has established internal innovation programmes in several large enterprises globally, from the world’s first fintech incubator in Boston, to the first aviation and travel incubator in Latin America as well as entrepreneurship initiatives such as establishing the first startup accelerator in Ireland as well as an aviation and travel technology investment fund and programme.

Over the past three years he has invested in more than 20 startups from Los Angeles through to Dubai, and the launch of Team ABC builds on those experiences.