Guest experience

How technology is rapidly optimizing hotels’ guest experience

In today’s world of hospitality, there is no doubt that, while some aspects of guest experience are timeless, guests’ expectations change over time. Inspired by the technological advances and the immense power of the Internet of Things (IoT), guests’ expectations are growing big.


Travel tech trends

Ready for the future? 5 upward trends in the travel tech industry

Technological advances have changed the way we travel and this progress is quite promising for an even more interactive and exciting travel and hospitality experience for years to come!

Nowadays, there is no doubt that technology has a huge impact on tourism, by influencing and shaping the way we travel; from the vacation destination we choose, all the way to what we do once we are there and even in the time after we’ve come back from our trip.



How to come up with an engaging pitch deck to get funding

You have just gotten your startup off the ground. So far, so good. Now, all you need is some money to bring your startup vision to life. You have generated solid research and big ideas, but now you have to communicate effectively your plan to investors to see the full potential. It’s time for an engaging pitch deck. That’s the key part of any successful fundraising strategy, so it’s vital to get it right. Perhaps the most important powerpoint you’ll ever create: 10-20 slides of solid persuasion.


Press release of our launch event

CapsuleT: the first Travel & Hospitality Accelerator for startups in Greece, an initiative by the HCH.

A leading role in accelerating Innovation in Tourism is undertaken by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels through the establishment of CapsuleT, the Travel and Hospitality Accelerator.

For this purpose, the HCH officially launched the previous week, with a special event hosted at ‘Athinais Cultural Center’, the first Greek accelerator exclusively dedicated to tourism, in order to bring innovative tech ventures working in the tourism sector closer to the industry leaders and investors.


Watch the interesting interview Mr Itai Green gave to

Το μίλησε με τον Itai Green, Ιδρυτή και CEO του Innovate-Israel και Ιδρυτή του Israel Travel Tech Startups Community, κεντρικού ομιλητή στην παρουσίαση του επιταχυντή CapsuleT του Ξ.Ε.Ε., ο οποίος αναφέρθηκε στις προοπτικές του ελληνικού startup οικοσυστήματος και τα βήματα που χρειάζεται να γίνουν προκειμένου να ακολουθήσει το παράδειγμα του Ισραήλ.